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Replaced all of the baseboard registers for our boiler heating system. He first had to remove all of the old baseboard heating registers and after installing the new registers made the necessary updates to the actual boiler, filled and tested the system and will be back in fall to re-bleed the system, since by that time there will be more air in the system.


I am the property director of a "safe house" for pregnant women and their unborn child(ren) operated by a non-profit organization and supported by Lutheran churches in the Milwaukee, WI area. When taking over as property director I was told that the first floor of the house, the only area heated by a boiler, was never warm enough in the winter. Numerous companies had been called in the past and their general consensus was that the entire system needed to be replaced. Being skeptical and knowing that such a replacement would be cost prohibitive, I was able to find found someone who specialized in boilers and works at Prompt Heating.


I met him at the house early in 2015, during the winter. He checked out the boiler, the thermostat and the registers and in one visit was able to diagnosis the problem. While not new, the boiler was in good shape and adequate to heat the area. The problem was the baseboard registers which had initially been incorrectly installed (too close to the floor) and the fact that the register covers were not the correct ones and were actually blocking heat from radiating out into the rooms. Also, when the register covers were removed, he found that the "fins" which carry heat from the copper piping and then radiate it out were in deplorable condition - many twisted and bent in many directions.


He adjusted the boiler to optimal operation and did make some immediate adjustments to the thermostat, but the registers could not be replaced until there was no need for any heat. Following his visit he prepared a quote for the necessary work which was to include bleeding the entire system of the water in it, tearing out the old baseboard registers and installing all new baseboard heat registers. In addition, he updated some of the valves on the boiler and, tested the thermostat and bled the system of air along with checking for water leaks.


Once summer is over, prior to the need for heat, he will return to again bleed the system of any air that remains and again calibrate the thermostat. He did all of this work in a home that was at the time occupied by a number of pregnant women, some with small children, and caused no interference in any of their activities. In addition, the House Manager reported that the work area was kept very clean, remembering that there were small children in the house and at no time was anything left out or available that could cause harm to anyone.


His invoice was exactly as he had quoted and we have paid it promptly.

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